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Small town CPA firm offers big-time expertise

Posted by Gene Byler Posted on Dec 22 2018

Running a household or a business isn’t easy. There are many day-to-day decisions to be made, and tasks to get accomplished to ensure that things run smoothly. Sometimes, these things can’t be done well without a little help.

We don’t cook dinner, repair cars or provide healthcare for our individual and business clients, but they do rely on our expertise to ensure that their finances are in order. The service we provide to our clients allows them to do what they do best – be hands-on with their families or customers without worrying about the complicated world of finance.

Personal service

Recently, I’ve had a few conversations with clients about why a business or individual would choose to hire a CPA from smaller firm, rather than a larger regional or national firm. The reason they gave was that they liked the fact that our principals (owners) work so closely on their account, instead of passing it off to a “junior accountant” whom the client doesn’t even know.

We take the extra time to get to know our clients’ financial situation, as well as our clients personally. We not only value their business, but also their friendship.

More than just math

A couple came into my office with their tax return that they had completed themselves. They needed my advice on how to respond to an Internal Revenue Service correspondence they had received. They walked out with peace of mind that we helped them resolve the issue and commented: “Now I understand why I should have a Certified Public Accountant prepare my ‘simple return.’”

With constantly changing tax laws, complex business arrangements and complicated home situations, there’s no such thing as a ‘simple tax return’ anymore. Doing taxes is about more than doing correct math. It’s about having the most updated tax law knowledge and helping families and businesses pay the least legal amount of income taxes possible so they’ll be in the best financial shape as they can.

Our accountants continually attend training sessions to increase their knowledge in order to be advocates for our clients when they need us. We can’t properly service our clients without that knowledge.

Business accounting

We act as a controller for a lot of entrepreneurs that do an excellent job at their vocation, but lack the time and or energy to deal with the administrative functions associated with running their business. We have the expertise, including a certified QuickBooks consultant and staff knowledgeable in the application and use of SAGE and DAK Easy software to assist in the accounting function. We assist companies with one employee to as many as 50 or more employees with payroll preparation and related regulatory filing requirements.

Our tax and business clients aren’t just located in Ohio. We are knowledgeable about laws in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Our firm also frequently files tax returns for clients in most of the 50 states. We have even filed international tax returns or tax forms for individuals with international holding and investments.

Any individuals or business owners needing assistance with taxes or other financial services can contact BWLK’s Salem office at 330-332-4646 or East Liverpool office at 330-385-2160.